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  • Listening to: Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex soundtrack
  • Reading: The Well of Lonliness (Radclyffe Hall)
  • Watching: Castle, season 3
  • Playing: Dungeons & Dragons 3.25
  • Eating: Dove caramel milk chocolate promises
  • Drinking: White Winter Winery cyser
Once upon a time--maybe seven years ago--I started messing around on dA.  I mostly drew then, albeit not very well.  After college I began to focus exclusively on my writing, tackling legitimate prose for the first time, and I had so much fun with it I completely forgot about the doodling.  I'm finally going back to school for graphic design, as I'd planned all those years ago; so, I'm starting here again as well.  One part writing portfolio, one part drawing practice...hold onto your hat, but don't hold your breath.